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Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Welcome! I am so excited to share this journey with you. As young as five years old, I would play school in my room with my dolls and teddy bears and "teach" them things I probably didn't know anything about. I started my career in education over 18 years ago. I have loved every minute of it. From being a teacher, school counselor, assistant principal, principal, and leadership specialist...my focus has always been to mold and shape our youth and build capacity of all of those I've come into contact with. As a wearer of many crowns (because we are all Queens), I've discovered a deeper understanding of my purpose, particularly education, leadership, and empowering women in leadership. Here's an intimate reflection of my journey so far.

Crowns that I wear.

Lover of Jesus | Wife of 17 years | mom of two | sister | daughter | Education Leader | Active Sorority Member of 20 years

How do I balance being a mother, a professional, and handling life responsibilities?

Let me tell you, this hasn't been easy. Can you believe, I even decided to go back to school and earn a doctoral degree while being a campus principal? I am intentional about "turning it off" and making time for my family. I instill the same with those that I work with so that we are truly living out our core value of being family oriented.

I also am a planner. If it's not written down, it isn't happening. I also take time to plan ahead as much as I can and have made it a point to not over book myself or my family. It has just caused so much insanity in the past.

I believe in being in a partnership with my hubby. Communication is key and keeps us making time for each other and our family.

What sacrifices have I made in my career?

As a female leader, I have had to accept that I have to ask for assistance, if needed. Over the years, it has become natural for me to express my thoughts of needing assistance and asking questions for clarification. Even in the area of asking others to assist with helping with my children. I have had to sacrifice going to events that they've had because my own campus had them or taking them to school on the first day. These experiences have made me stronger and provided an avenue into systems that I stick to today.

A female leader that inspires me.

Viola Davis. I often think of my alter ego as her character, Analise Keating, in How to Get Away With Murder. Without the manipulation, that is. To me, Viola is strong, well educated, poised, and isn't afraid to take risks. She's also an adoptive momma just as I am.

What I would tell our next generation of female leadership.

No female is the same, so please do not compare yourself to others. Do what works for you and don't be afraid to ask for help. There are many of us who are here to support you and help you when your own crown needs adjusting.

Again, I am excited about sharing this space with you sharing real stories of female leadership and tips to improve the leader in you. I chose to lead and continue wearing my existing crowns. And you can, too!

Thanks for connecting. Continue to adjust your crown and check in often.

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