Crown Connection-Jamilah Hud-Kirk

Crowns that you wear | Wife, mom, and leader

How did you get started in leadership? | As I completed my Masters program in leadership, my initial desire was to work with aspiring teachers on the collegiate level. In my program, I was 1 of 2 African American women out of 3 aspiring leaders and I quickly realized that my leadership could be more impactful at the school level to support not only students of color, but educators of color as well.

How do you balance your professional and personal life? | I am a work in progress. This is why I surround myself with dynamic women in school leadership so that I may learn from them. My recent strategy is finding time to reflect with myself in the mornings and cutting off school work once I get home.

Describe an experience where you felt challenged in your leadership. | As a beginning school leader, I was young and had my first experience with working in a school where the previous administration was highly respected. It took a minute to gain trust and build relationships with a staff that did not have adequate closure with their previous principal. In the beginning, it appeared that no matter what I did, despite my record in having success, it was not enough. I knew then that I needed to focus on the culture and climate ensure that I was inclusive of the teacher leaders on the campus to assist me in navigating the waters. Once I built those relationships and encouraged movement out of the school to welcome individuals who were aligned to the vision, things began to turn the corner. There was mutual trust because they also experienced success.

What would you tell the next generation of female leadership? | I would tell the next generation to be clear on your why? Leadership can be lonely, challenging and rewarding at the same time. Your leadership will be tested to the point you will have to rely on your "why" to persevere. Align yourself with like minded individuals. Whether you are a teacher or Assistant Principal, you need a tribe. I define a tribe as a group of people who share similar values and interests. Take action with this tribe. Action creates momentum. And the more regularly you connect with others the deeper your relationships will become and the more benefits you will enjoy. Support each other and give back so that you are rewarded with favor at the end.

Describe your self care routine. | Wake up before the household to reflect/read. Go down after the household to reflect on your goals set for the day as it relates to being balanced. Make a plan to do better the next day. Reward yourself for what you were able to accomplish.

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