Crown Connection-Dr. Darnisha Harvey

In celebrating female leaders, TCP will feature female leaders and their experiences. I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Dr. Darnisha Harvey, our first Crown Connection feature. She is the epitome of female leadership that leads with her heart and is hands on.

Crowns that she wears | Wife, Principal

How did you get started in leadership? | As a teacher, I was always willing to step up and assist other colleagues, including presenting staff development and working with the assistant principal on the campus mentor program. After 5 years as an ELA teacher, I was presented with the opportunity to become an instructional coach. Serving in that role provided me with the experience of not just working with adults, but leading in a different capacity, ultimately preparing me to land an assistant principal position in 2015. I have now transitioned into my new role of campus principal of an elementary school in Houston, Texas.

How do you balance your professional and personal life? | It's hard! My husband is also an administrator, so education is the topic of many conversations! However, I am working on minimizing screen time and being present in the moment (especially when I'm around other people). I am training myself to take mini-breaks... step away, do something that doesn't involve school, then get back to the grind!

Describe an experience where you felt challenged in your leadership. | One of the biggest challenges I have faced is coming to the realization that every leader is not like you and doesn't share the same work ethic. I saw that first hand in my role as an instructional coach in 2012... and I have seen it every year since. Having critical conversations with other leaders about expectations and responsibilities is uncomfortable, but important.

What would you tell the next generation of female leadership? | You'll probably never feel "fully ready." Even after being an assistant principal for 5 years, there are many things that I still didn't know prior to me being promoted to principal. Do the research as best as you can, build a strong network of leaders who will support you, step out on faith, and go for it!

Describe your self care routine. | Anything that involves stepping away from my laptop/iPad. I enjoy quality time with family, quiet time with self to read or shop, going to for a drive or a walk around the neighborhood.

Continue to follow Dr. Harvey at the following social media accounts:

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